Bob Dylan - Together Through Life

Together Through Life (2009)
genre: Rock

score: 78%
users: 81%

'The reality is less exciting, as Together Through Life--neither masterpiece nor disaster--proves.'
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'Together Through Life sounds loose and informal, and you get the impression that its creator had a lot of fun making it. A shame, then, that it’s not quite as much fun to listen to.'
lees de recensie: NME
'While Dylan's grim-reaper ruminations are familiar territory, Together Through Life does offer some surprises.'
lees de recensie: Entertainment Weekly
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'Very little on Together Through Life seems destined for his repertory’s long haul. But whether this is basic devilishness, or Malthus revisited, or acceptance of faith, or just a clever poem juxtaposing protest rhetoric with do-nothing rhetoric, it all suits him.'
lees de recensie: New York Times
'Sonically, this is right in line with Dylan's 2000s albums, the sound of a well-lubricated traveling band easing into the same chords they play every night, but this isn't strictly roadhouse rock & roll: Dylan remains fixated on pre-rock & roll American music, emphasizing the blues but eager to croon love-struck ballads.'
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'There is a grim magnetism coursing through these 10 new songs--and most of it is in Dylan's vividly battered singing.'
lees de recensie: Rolling Stone
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