The Escapists (PC)

The Escapists (PC) (2015)
genre: action

score: 70%

'The Escapists implores you to dig deep for your strategy, but it doesn't offer enough excitement along the way. The concept is sound; I just wish I had more fun. I like the idea of The Escapists better than the game it actually is.'
lees de recensie: GameInformer
'Otherwise it is an experience full of variety due to the complexity of each prison, and a challenge to escape that demands your time and instills pressure.'
lees de recensie: Cheat Code Central
'It’s a clever game that’s not afraid to be challenging, and a very enjoyable puzzle if you don’t mind it also being a touch vague, often repetitive, and happy to quickly get as hard as figuring out an actual prison break.'
lees de recensie: IGN
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'If you enjoy crafting and planning, while potentially starting a riot, then The Escapists could be the game you’re looking for.'
lees de recensie: TheSixthAxis
'Despite its foibles, The Escapists is a gratifying game that provides dozens of hours of entertainment. Planning an escape and watching it unfold is endlessly satisfying, and a successful breakout leaves you feeling jubilant.'
lees de recensie: Gamespot
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