Evolve (XOne)

Evolve (XOne) (2015)
genre: action, first person shooter, shooter

score: 83%

'Still, despite my issues with the hunter role outside of battle, I can’t deny I’ve had some fun with Evolve. It’s certainly a memorable experience, more so with a group of friends working together, but still enjoyable with random online players in tow.'
lees de recensie: Gaming Age
'Evolve has some of the best ingredients to make a good multiplayer experience, but it's up to the community to make this a game that's constantly in rotation.'
lees de recensie: WorthPlaying
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'At long last, the final game is here, and remains true to what we've seen before; Evolve is a concentrated and highly replayable experience, if you can accept the limitations of its unique format.'
lees de recensie: GameInformer
'That it’s so mechanically rich and still conveys the raw energy and fun of duking it out with huge monsters and action-figure-esque hunters is a real design feat.'
lees de recensie: IGN
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