Fast & Furious

'Het flinterdunne verhaaltje is er slechts om de actiescènes aan elkaar te knopen.'
lees de recensie: Mikro Gids
'A series that's provided a successful, moderately enjoyable ride up to now blows its tires, gasket and transmission on its way to flaming out in Fast & Furious.'
lees de recensie: Variety
'Inoffensive if uninspired.'
lees de recensie: New York Times
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'I can see why Fast and Furious might be a smash as audiences look for escape from a broken economy. All those wheelies and power slides are designed to obliterate thought, not provoke it. Talk about a movie for its time.'
lees de recensie: Rolling Stone
'It offers an attractive getaway route from self-importance, snark, and chatty comedies about male bonding. Here, stick shifts do the talking.'
lees de recensie: Entertainment Weekly
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