The Reader

'The reader brengt het grote anonieme conflict terug tot klein menselijk leed en de diepe sporen die het nalaat in de levens van betrokkenen, aan welke kant van de schuldvraag dan ook.'
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'Stephen Daldry's film is sensitively realized and dramatically absorbing, but comes across as an essentially cerebral experience without gut impact.'
lees de recensie: Variety
'The film is neither about the Holocaust nor about those Germans who grappled with its legacy: it's about making the audience feel good about a historical catastrophe that grows fainter with each new tasteful interpolation.'
lees de recensie: New York Times
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'The epitome of middle-brow 'quality' drama -- admirable within its limitations, but Bernard Schlink's Oprah Winfrey Book Club-approved book wasn't exactly literature, as this isn't exactly cinema.'
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'The film is notable for its nice performances, its handsome photography, and its very active music. If the preceding praise sounds generic, so is the movie.'
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'Winslet's fierce, unerring portrayal goes beyond acting, becoming a provocation that will keep you up nights.'
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