'Het spannende en soms aangrijpende verhaal wordt door Edward Zwick met veel verve en schwung neergezet en toch kan de som der delen niet volledig pakken. Daarvoor blijft Zwick iets te netjes en op afstand.'
lees de recensie: Mikro Gids
'Defiance presents itself as an explicit correction of the cultural record, a counterpoint to all those lachrymose World War II tales of helplessness and victimhood. This is a perfectly honorable intention, but the problem is that, in setting out to overturn historical stereotypes of Jewish passivity, Mr. Zwick (who co-wrote the screenplay with Clayton Frohman) ends up affirming them.'
lees de recensie: New York Times
'A potentially exceptional story is told in a flatly unexceptional manner.'
lees de recensie: Variety
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'An amazing true tale is somewhat diminished by second-hand storytelling: entirely admirable, largely entertaining, and yet curiously hollow.'
lees de recensie: Empire
'For all the film's flaws, this is a war story told with passion about a band of brothers that still has the power to inspire.'
lees de recensie: Rolling Stone
'Zwick offers excitingly staged moments, but once you get past the novelty of WWII Jews acting this heroically macho, Defiance bogs down in a not very well-developed script.'
lees de recensie: Entertainment Weekly
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