Marley & Me

Marley & Me (2008)
genre: comedy, drama, family, romance

score: 60%
users: 78%

'Watching the stars try to out-cutesy the mutt is one for the puke bucket.'
lees de recensie: Rolling Stone
'Bland, obsequious adaptation of John Grogan’s best-selling memoir.'
lees de recensie: New York Times
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'This perky, episodic film is as broad and obvious as it could be, but delivers on its own terms thanks to sparky chemistry between its sunny blond stars, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, and the unabashed emotion-milking of the final reel.'
lees de recensie: Variety
'Wilson has a scene near the end with Marley that's the most wrenchingly tender acting of his career.'
lees de recensie: Entertainment Weekly
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